Seven stages
of a project

1. Uncritical acceptance

2. Wild enthusiasm

3. Dejected Disillusionment

4. Total confusion

5. Search for the guilty

6. Punishment of innocent

7. Promotion of uninvolved

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What could possibly go wrong?

This is a broad question with an all encompassing answer.  Forgotten items, missed lead times, bad or incomplete planning, weather, traffic, vendors and contractors not meeting their obligations and just about anything associated with the process. There are literally thousands of items that must be addressed and coordinated in a typical corporate move

What is the main reason a company does not consider a move manager?

The perceived cost associated with hiring someone is the main reason. People tend to believe that it is something that they can task internally. The problem is that without experience, mistakes made by someone from within your organization that can cost you dearly. Add to that the lost productivity as the internally tasked employee is usually still expected to perform their regularly assigned tasks.

It is quite common for someone delegated with this responsibility from within an organization to either quit or be fired before the completion of the project. Needless to say, this will cause even greater difficulties for the organization in both completion of the move and associated costs.

Is hiring a move manager cost effective?

Hiring an independent move manager or management company is usually extremely cost effective. From the cost savings of avoiding mistakes in the process to the continuing productivity of your existing workforce to the elimination or minimization of downtime associated with the process, increased costs due to changes during the process as a result of bad planning, the engagement of a move manager more than justifies the expense, typically you will save at least the cost associated with the retention of a move manager and more often than not much more. Add to that the piece of mind that the project is on the right track.

When should I hire a move manager?


This is probably the greatest mistake in organizing a corporate move. Underestimating lead times and what is involved in the move process can not only be the cause of many major problems but can dramatically escalate the cost of your move placing it well above the principle budget as well as jeopardizing your business.

How does Birchleaf differ from other move management companies?

At Birchleaf Solutions, we differ from other move management companies in that we act as YOUR advocate.
This is not the norm In the commercial property business. We will look out for the interests of your company as if it was our own. Although we have contacts throughout the industry, we have no agenda as to who you choose as a vendor or contractor as we receive no benefit. Unlike other companies that act as a one stop shop, where it is in their interest not yours to sell you or “broker” these products and services to maximize their revenue stream. Birchleaf works for you, your company and in your interest.

Why shouldn’t I get my current staff to organize the move?

Internal pressure from competing stakeholders within your organization can make your employees feel they must make a decision to benefit individuals rather than the organization as a whole. Inadequate knowledge, lost productivity, and potential ultimate loss those employees due to too much stress may be the result of this short-sighted approach.

Why should I hire Birchleaf Solutions?

At Birchleaf, we are COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT We have no additional services that we will try to sell you during the course of the project. We work on a fixed rate basis unlike other companies that charge a percentage of your final budget, it is not in our interest to run up the budget to increase the percentage of compensation.



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