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Transition/Move planning
Budgets and scheduling
Vendor/Contractor Selection
Vendor/contractor/landlord coordination
Mover selection
Furniture management
Records management
Voice, data and technology facilities coordination
Employee Communication
On site coordination
Move Post-Mortem


Transition/Move planning

There are thousands of tasks associated with most corporate relocations and as this is a relatively rare occurrence for most companies, they have little experience in planning for all the items required for a successful move or the contingencies associated with this type of project.

Birchleaf Solutions will consult with all major stakeholders within your organization to ensure that the move to your new facility addresses the needs of those stakeholders within your current resource availability allowing for maximum versatility in your future plans.

Budgets and scheduling

Many companies make serious errors in budgeting for a move including underestimating costs, starting late, compressing schedules and not allowing for adequate lead times. These are just some of the controllable factors that can and will create critical problems throughout your corporate relocation. We will assist in providing guidance in these areas so that can eliminate or minimize any possible disruption to your budget and business.

Vendor/contractor selection

As a corporate relocation is probably not your core business function, we will assist you in the selection process for both vendors and contractors for all aspects of the move.

As we are working in your interest, only the best and most cost effective solutions are sought to supply your needs.

Vendor/contractor/landlord coordination

Even with the smallest of moves, there can be an overwhelming number of people to coordinate and get on side. We will ensure that all of the vendors and contractors involved with your move are meeting their predetermined obligations and ensure that the relationship with your new landlord starts off with the right approach.

Mover Selection

We will assist in your mover selection process and guide you through the most important aspects, creating an RFP to screen for reputable and reliable companies and analyze the submissions to ensure the mover meets your full requirements.

Furniture management

Are you going to reuse your current furniture? Is there additional furniture required? Have you considered the furniture required for the growth of your company? If you are replacing your current furniture, have you considered how to dispose of your old assets?
We will assist you with these and many other items including inventory of existing furniture and equipment.

Records management

Moving into a new facility provides one of the best opportunities to address your records management policies and implement changes. It is also an opportune time to purge what is not required for your business and reduce the amount of items that must be physically moved. We will assist you in this process.

Voice, data and technology facilities coordination

As the backbone of most companies, from phone systems and cabling to service provider(s), we will ensure you a seamless transition to your new location working in tandem with your MIS people. We will also help find the best most cost effective solution for your technology needs if required whether it be anything from multimedia/presentation equipment to security and access control.

Employee Communication

It is essential during a change of this magnitude to keep your employees well informed throughout the process. This helps to increase morale when communicated in a positive light while avoiding the negatives and uncertainty that can be associated with the unknown. Good communication also helps to avoid rumours that can have a negative impact on the entire process.

Organizing written communications, departmental move coordinators and special events planning are just some of the ways we can assist in this area.

On site coordination.

We will attend your new premises on a regular basis to make sure there have been no oversights and that all items required for your successful transition are on schedule.
We will also be present throughout the move process to answer any questions or assist in addressing any concerns as well as directing the selected movers.

Move Post-mortem

Although it is ideal that all items involved in a move be 100% complete before the actual move, many factors may combine to make this impossible. We will provide a complete analysis of non-critical items requiring completion or follow-up, which can include such things as contractor deficiencies, damaged or missing items, etc.


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